An undiscovered island.

A testing ground for drafts, performances, installations, discussions and encounters.

Description & Philosophy

An undiscovered island.

A testing ground for drafts, performances, installations, discussions and encounters.

Friday Island is a series of events committed to create a space and occasions for meetings that generates exchange between artists as well as a public dialogue around a given topic. Open to artists of all disciplines and working with different media, Friday Island offers a platform for experimentation beyond creative processes bound to production and marketing logics.

The artistic contributions are encouraged to be experimental and critical. They are challenged to question the theme and to suggest out-of-the-box perspectives. The aim is to promote alternative points of view and interpretations of a certain reality, to initiate a debate and an exchange of opinions. Indeed, each theme allows different approaches and readings that are socially and philosophically stimulating.

Beside the presentations of the artists’ work, an open discussion, chaired by a moderator, between the artists and the audience provides an opportunity for all participants to express their thoughts.

Friday Island fosters the idea that awareness and knowledge are produced through mutual exchange when held in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The artists’ reflections and contributions around a common theme are the starting point for a journey through questioning and careful consideration. Friday Island promotes inclusion and acceptance and is open to everyone. It encourages participation and collaboration with the social reality of each specific venue.

„Islands suggest predestined spaces for thought experiments and games …“

Volkmar Billig – 2010

Friday Island is…

… an island of time, emerging  every two months on a Friday evening, each time with a new theme.

… a creative space for meetings and exchange,  taking place in different venues.

… an island, which is concerned every time by a new theme.

… a free territory, open to all interested people.

… a test field for artists of all sectors, giving freedom to their artistic propositions.

  a pleasant environment for an open communication between audience and artists.

… a space where the world of ideas and everyday reality meet.

… an island bringing  artistic and social issues together.



Katharina Bintz

Born and grown up in Luxembourg , Katharina Bintz worked in Bremen as an assistant director and studied acting in Hamburg, Germany. There she played at Lichthoftheater, Monsun Theater, Kampnagel and at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg where she worked with Katie Mitchell and Martin Crimp. Since 2016 she studies Fine Arts specialising in film at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. She is based in Luxembourg and Hamburg.


Gianfranco Celestino

Born in Turin, Italy, Gianfranco Celestino studied classical piano at the Conservatory G. Verdi in Turin, Italy (1992) and dance-theatre at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany (2000). Since 2004 he lives in Luxembourg. He worked among others with Les Ballets C. de la B (B), Unit.Control (LU) and ARAZZO Tanztheater (D). Since 2002 he works on his own choreographic ideas. Selection: Solo con Piano (2005), Sweet Dreams ! (2009), Carnet de Voyage (2012), Duo con Piano (2014-2015).


Where does the idea come from?

The Friday Island idea was born, when Gianfranco Celestino and Katharina Bintz realised that such an open format was missing in Luxembourg’s cultural scene. Consequently, a concept was developed to promote communication between artists and audience.

How can I participate as an artist?

Friday Island publishes a call for proposals for every event. If you would like to stay updated on our call for artists, you can like the Facebook page, sign in for the newsletter or check regularly our website for new calls.

Is there a participation fee to pay for the artists taking part in the event?

Artists who are selected to take part in the event do not pay any participation fee. On the contrary, they will receive remuneration for their work to help to cover eventual material costs (up to a certain limit).

How much is the entrance for the audience?

As much as you like! Friday Island supports itself, among other things, with the system of the ‘treasure chest’, a free donation box. You can support Friday Island with any amount of money.

Where is it taking place?

The venue changes for each event according to the proposed theme.

When is it taking place?

Friday Island takes place every two months on a Friday evening. Doors open at 7pm. At 7:20pm the program usually starts.

How can I stay updated?

Sign in using our contact page to the monthly Friday Island newsletter and you’ll get all the important information. You can also follow Friday Island on Facebook (Friday Island) and/or on 

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